Who We Are

Pilot X is an on-demand transportation marketplace that connects users to drivers and transportation companies.

Our Mission

Is to build an all in one transportation marketplace where people can get any and everything that compliments transportation.

Our Vision

Innovate relentlessly in transportation. We strive for seamless tech integration and excellence, never settling for less. Admitting mistakes and aiming higher are part of our DNA.

Our Values

People First

listen closely and build relationships with people. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is unwavering, as we strive for a world where everyone feels valued. With respect, empathy, and intentionality, we approach every interaction, ensuring that love and kindness are at the forefront of all we do.


- Always standing up for what is right.
- Set high expectations and never settle.

Embrace Change

Using technology to innovate and help to make the lives of people better.

Giving Back

Investing into the lives of people and the communities that we serve.


Being open and engage with people on a personal level.